Mining the LMS Data to achieve Graduation Initiative 2025 Goals

While analytics efforts in the CSU have largely stayed away from in-progress course data, the learning management system offers a wealth of “live” learning data that can be mined in time to impact student success in high failure rate courses, consistent with the goals of the Graduation Initiative 2025. CSU Chico, Sonoma State, San Diego State, and San Francisco State are all actively exploring ways to use LMS data to inform efforts and positively impact student success.

Chico and San Diego State are Blackboard Learn campuses, and they are implementing Blackboard Predict, an LMS-agnostic learning analytics product that combines the LMS and SIS data to develop a campus specific early warning model based on defined research questions. San Francisco State and Sonoma State are Moodle campuses, and they are implementing XRAY to analyze the LMS data and develop their early warning systems.

Although at the earliest stages, these exciting efforts show how the LMS can move beyond a simple repository of information to a modern LPS improving student outcomes.

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