Conference Review: BbWorld and D2L Fusion

Jeff Alderson, Principal Analyst for Eduventures, provides a thoughtful review of the two major LMS conferences. Check it out!

In July, Eduventures was invited to two major industry conferences: D2L FUSION 2016 and Blackboard BbWORLD 2016. Given that both vendors are best-known for their learning management system (LMS) platforms, you might think their conferences would be similar. You would be wrong. Instead, each of these events painted a picture of two companies with missions, goals, product portfolios, and clients that could not be more different. From the CEO keynotes to the product launches and customer town hall meetings, each of these companies made a distinctive case for why it is the market leading educational company to watch.

Our interactions with the customers and executive teams from D2L and Blackboard also revealed two companies solving different problems with unique strategies that cater to their strengths and hedge against their weaknesses. We have included some highlights from these events here. If you are an institution considering solutions from these two vendors, keep in mind each company’s mission alignment to your institutional goals as much as the features available in their learning platforms today.

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