Intent to Award Announcement

Based on the work of the CSU LPS Taskforce, Evaluation Committee, Campus Coordinators, and on the input of the CSU Community, the Chancellor’s Office has announced an Intent to Award a Master Enabling Agreement to the following vendors:

  • Blackboard for Learn, Analytics and other Services
  • D2L for Brightspace and LEAP
  • Instructure for Canvas

The Chancellor’s Office would like to extend its deep appreciation to the hard work of the CSULPS Taskforce, Evaluation Committee, Campus Coordinators, webinar presenters, and the numerous members of the CSU Community who directly and indirectly contributed to this year-long process.

The CSU community has engaged and reflected on future trends of academic technology in the CSU and how we might better leverage them for greater student success.

What’s Next?
We will be offering several webinars to communicate vital information. One of the webinars is to share within the CSU community the findings and results of the RFP process and offerings. The remaining webinars will be specific to each MEA/vendor/product and service so each individual campus can make the best choice through its own campus process to select the LMS that best meets its needs.

More information will be distributed soon via the LPS Campus Coordinators and other stakeholder groups in the CSU like CIOs and DATs.

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