Faculty Share: Dr. Hannans at CSUCI

Today, we hear from Jaime Hannans as part of our Faculty Share series. Dr. Hannans is an Assistant Professor at CSU Channel Islands.

Please speak to the importance of the LMS in your teaching.
The LMS facilitates a protected area for students to access course materials and for faculty to organize their course in a way that makes sense for their course. I think it is important to recognize how student information is protected and the ability to keep grades/records individualized.

How do you use the LMS? What are the LMS features you use and find crucial?
I use the LMS to load information, documents and syllabi for students. I often include materials such as articles, videos, and ‘accessible’ information for the course to meet student needs. I find the ability to integrate and embed multiple types of videos, websites, and data is critical in how I prefer to design my course for engagement. I also find it important to be able to utilize design features in the LMS to differentiate my course from other courses students may be enrolled in during the same semester.

Do you use the LMS to teach all your courses, or a few?
I use the LMS to limitedly because I have used CI Keys to promote digital literacy among students. The LMS in that situation serves as an additional way to provide accessible resources, submit papers using safe assign, and protect grades.

Do you access the LMS using a mobile device? If so, for what purposes?
Yes occasionally I use remote access when I’m away from campus and needing to make urgent changes or updates to content. I prefer using a computer but I have been able to use mobile devices in some cases.

To your knowledge, do your students access your LMS course(s) on a mobile device? Do you have a sense of how that is working for them?
Yes I believe students regularly access LMS on mobile devices, and I have not heard any complaints about access

Have you tried using the gradebook in any way other than keeping grades? Are there other features for which you find new uses?
I use gradebook for submission of graded assignments throughout the semester. In some courses I use gradebook to track non-graded items, such as submission of a student-created group contract/plan for group work, that may not have points associated to the activity.

In addition to your LMS, what third party tools do you teach with?
I have used a variety of third party tools to teach with, but I have had the most success with the following: VoiceThread, WordPress, PopulrMe, TopHat, Animoto, and Google Drive.

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Article by: Jaime Hannans