Faculty Share: Dr. Easter at SJSU

Today, we hear from Marilyn Easter as part of our Faculty Share series. Dr. Easter is a Full Professor at San Jose State University.

Please speak to the importance of the LMS in your teaching.
Canvas is an excellent LMS to promote student and teacher engagement.  Students come to my class wanting to experience using various technologies. Responding to both student and employer (postgraduate employment for students) demands, Canvas allows students an opportunity to take advantage of additional educational resources and learning tools that are designed to enhance learning. Because of the continuous feedback that I’m receiving from students, I know that incorporating the use of Canvas promotes the highest level of student engagement and satisfaction.

How do you use the LMS?  What are the LMS features you use and find crucial?
I use Canvas to promote pedagogical management techniques that engage students in a rich learning environment.  I have designed pre-recorded lectures; interactive videos where I engage students in simulated activities that promote an interactive learning in an appealing learning environment.  The applications that I use are tailored to facilitate participatory information sharing and collaborative learning.

My classes feature, MindTap, Connect, media integration, video simulations, videoconferencing, Blogs, TurnitIn, Criterion, collaborative editing software.  Canvas has allowed me to create student-centered instructional design curricula.  My online, hybrid/mix mode, and traditional courses are filled with dynamic and engaging content.

Do you use the LMS to teach all your courses, or a few?
I use Canvas for all of my classes:   Online, hybrid/mix mode, and traditional courses.

Do you access the LMS using a mobile device? If so, for what purposes?
Yes, I use either my IPhone or IPad to access Canvas to read and respond to students emails.  I make and send announcements to students.  I also grade papers.

To your knowledge, do your students access your LMS course(s) on a mobile device? Do you have a sense of how that is working for them?
About 30%  of the students have indicated that they use IPhone or IPad to access my courses.

Have you tried using the gradebook in any way other than keeping grades? Are there other features for which you find new uses?
At this time, I am using the gradebook for grading purposes only.

Is there a particular use of the LMS you’re personally proud of?
Using technology in 3 different types of classes (online, hybrid/mix mode, and traditional), for the past 3 years, have led to scholarly publications and presentations.  During this period, I have published 4 Peer Reviewed papers and 7 Refereed Proceedings.  I have also presented 8 peer-reviewed papers at both national and international conferences.  In addition, some of my in class work has been contributed to PBS and various social media.

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Article by: Marilyn Easter