Faculty Share: Dr. Coopman at San Jose State University

Today, we hear from Stephanie Coopman as part of our Faculty Share series. Dr. Coopman is a professor at San Jose State University.

Please speak to the importance of the LMS in your teaching.
I teach online; Canvas is central to my teaching.

How do you use the LMS?  What are the LMS features you use and find crucial?
Canvas is the learning platform for my classes. Video recording, speed grader, notifications (ability for users to customize), plus the usual–discussions, assignments, syllabus, quizzes, surveys. Canvas is user-friendly.

Do you use the LMS to teach all your courses, or a few?
I teach 3 classes/semester. I use the LMS in every class.

Do you access the LMS using a mobile device? If so, for what purposes?
Tablet to check messages.

To your knowledge, do your students access your LMS course(s) on a mobile device? Do you have a sense of how that is working for them?
Yes, via smartphone and tablet. Works well for them. Students love Canvas.

Have you tried using the gradebook in any way other than keeping grades? Are there other features for which you find new uses?
Yes, I’ve used Canvas to pilot an advising program.

Is there a particular use of the LMS you’re personally proud of?
Our department uses Canvas to support a site that serves as the hub of our communication network. Primarily designed for current students, it’s the central feature of the department’s social media network. https://sjsu.instructure.com/courses/1011866

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Article by: Stephanie Coopman