Hey Students: I’d like to hear from you!

I am honored to be the student representative on the Cal State University Learning Platforms and Services Taskforce. To me, the learning management system (LMS) is integral to learning. As students, we use our respective LMS (whether it be Blackboard or whatever your campus uses) to engage with our faculty, access course materials, and submit assignments. But, we only know what we know. Generally speaking, our faculty don’t use the LMS like students do. And, we don’t know what other campuses are doing or how they are using their LMS.

As the one student on this Taskforce full of campus and systemwide CSU leaders, I see this as a great opportunity to express our opinion and experiences as the main end users of the LMS. While many of us will graduate before these changes take place, it gives us a unique opportunity to shape the future and learn from the experiences not only of other students at your school, but throughout the entire CSU system.

Feel free to email me directly or express your opinion below. What do you want to see from an LMS of the future? What do you like about your current system? What don’t you like? What is your dream feature? Please be civil and thoughtful in your opinions. Feel free to upvote comments you agree with, but I’ll be sure that all the thoughts you share are heard by the Taskforce during this long evaluation process.

Mark Anthony Sohl
Student Representative on the CSULPS Taskforce
California State University, Sacramento

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Article by: Mark Anthony Sohl