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Have you heard about Caliper?

Interest in learning analytics has gained momentum recently due to an increased focus on addressing challenges associated with student success and retention. Since many teaching and learning environments require students to work in multiple learning platforms and tools, there is a need for data that can be consolidated for a single-view or cross-provider analysis to help educators gain better insights into what is working to improve outcomes.  Unfortunately, this can be a very time consuming, cumbersome process.

To address this problem, IMS Global Learning Consortium ( has created the Caliper Analytics specification, which enables the collection of learner data, known as Sensors (or the Sensor API) and data models (known as metric profiles), to help students succeed and educational institutions improve, thus delivering on the promise of digital teaching and learning. By establishing a set of common labels for learning activity data, the metric profiles simplify the exchange of the data across multiple platforms, and the standardization will allow institutions to derive meaningful insights from the data. Additional details about Caliper Analytics can be found at

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