Academic Interactions with Students: Learning Management Systems as Mission Critical Tools

The impending close of the CSU contract with Blackboard in June of 2017, along with quietly growing interest from multiple campuses in products new to the marketplace, has set in motion the structured steps that will lead to one or more CSU Master Enabling Agreements (MEAs) for Learning Management Systems.  The intent of this process is to reduce costs and simplify purchase for CSU campuses. Similar to the existing MEA with Blackboard, campus participation will be entirely voluntary, respecting varying campus needs and consultation requirements.

To ensure that the CSU enters into the process well-informed, a CSU Learning Platforms and Services  (CSULPS) Task Force was charged by Executive Vice Chancellor Loren Blanchard with exploring the current and future role of learning platforms in higher education.  The Task Force has begun the process of surveying the educational technology landscape through a series of expert webinars to be presented this fall. The information and requirements gathering will be as transparent as possible with all stakeholders having the opportunity to join in the exploration through an open web site at, which will include blog postings, updates, and links to resources. Anyone who wishes will have the opportunity to ask questions, make comments and suggestions, and help shape the development of the RFP.  The intended outcome is that campuses will have a selection of pre-negotiated, cost-competitive software options in which they may participate if they chose to do so.

-CSU LPS Taskforce

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