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Who uses what?

The California State University system is rich with diversity. This extends to learning management systems with Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and Brightspace all in use. Here is a quick overview of who uses what within the CSU system. You can view a crowdsourced list of other campus-based tools here.

CSU Campuses and their LMS

Bakersfield Blackboard
Channel Islands Blackboard
Chico Blackboard
Dominguez Hills Blackboard
East Bay Blackboard
Fresno Blackboard
Fullerton Moodle
Humboldt Moodle
Long Beach BrightSpace
Los Angeles Moodle
Maritime Academy Moodle
Monterey Bay Moodle
Northridge Moodle
Pomona Blackboard
Sacramento Blackboard
San Bernardino Blackboard
San Diego Blackboard
San Francisco Moodle
San Jose Canvas
San Luis Obispo Moodle
San Marcos Moodle and Canvas
Sonoma Moodle
Stanislaus Blackboard

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