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Get to know a CSU LMS: SDSU

Dr. James P. Frazee, Senior Academic Technology Officer and Director, Instructional Technology Services answered a few questions about San Diego State University for CSULPS. James has “ultimate responsibility for San Diego State’s physical and virtual learning environments and associated learning technologies including all aspects of the LMS e.g., web conferencing, plagiarism detection, third party plug-ins / publisher provided cartridges, etc.” SDSU currently has 3,906 courses actively available via Blackboard with more than 25% of student traffic from mobile devices. Dr. Frazee also reported that faculty like the gradebook and embedded email as well as the ability to quickly share announcements the most. Similarly, he noted students like those features and the ability to easily access content from anywhere anytime.

Where do you think the LMS will be in the next 3 to 5 years?
In the cloud, and more fully integrated with all manner of mobile (indeed, even wearable) devices. The learning analytics will also mature and will give both faculty and students the ability to easily self-regulate behavior based on data from the system.

What are the next set of trends or features that your campus would like to see in the next version of the LMS?
Just-in-time bug fixes and enhancements that don’t require system down time. More robust and reliable, seamlessly integrated, full-featured (with polling, break out rooms, screen sharing) web conferencing that includes analytic data on usage e.g., details about student use of live online as well as archived web conference assets. More examples of effective use cases that provide faculty with exposure to new possibilities that can improve teaching and learning.


Screenshot courtesy of Dr. EJ Sobo.

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Article by: James Frazee