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CSULPS.com is the official communications hub for the California State University Planning and Evaluation Taskforce for Learning Platform and Services (CSULPS). The taskforce wants to facilitate conversation and provide information about the current and future state of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and the vast ecosystem of related learning tools so that each individual CSU campus can make an informed determination about what’s best for them. You can check out the about page to learn more about the taskforce.

Learning Management Systems and the ecosystem of connected and related learning technologies provides a necessary teaching and learning tools for our 21st Century Learners and Teachers. This ecosystem brings tremendous opportunities for scholarship as well as technical challenges ranging from information security, accessibility and flexibility to meet the needs of today’s mobile students. As the CSULPS Taskforce gathers information from both inside and outside the CSU, it will share the information here including hosting 6 live webinars. You are encouraged to comment, share, and engage in civil and thoughtful debate about pros and cons, personal experiences, and ideas for improvement throughout the site. Or, you can always email the Taskforce directly to share your thoughts.

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