Timeline for CSULPS

The CSULPS Taskforce wants to be responsive to feedback and encourages participation in the process. So please be aware of the general timeline for the Taskforce:


Date Goal
Spring 2015 Formalize the LPS Taskforce Committee Charge and composition of the LPS Taskforce members
Summer 2015 Launch LPS Taskforce Committee
Fall 2015 LPS Taskforce Committee Meetings
External Review of the LPS Market
Internal Review of CSU Campuses LPS Needs
Launch CSU LPS Communications Hub & Webinars
Document Feedback and Recommendations from the CSU Community
Develop RFP and Process of Evaluation
Finalize an LPS RFP
Winter 2016 Launch LPS RFP
Spring 2016 Gather RFP Submissions
Setup Demonstrations for the Taskforce and campuses
Analyze Results and send Notice of Intent
Negotiate Contracts/MEAs
Summer 2016 Campuses choose LPS options

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